In the beginning you make your financial habits...
In the end, your financial habits make you.
  Financial planning has become one of life's necessities as the costs of
raising a family, the longer lifespan in retirement, the expense of  medical
facilities, and the outlay for higher education have steadily increased.

The guide to the future security of your family is your overall financial
For three years I feuded with Lymphoma and almost every day I had a
new and unexpected event with this disease.

THE DAYS OF CANCER chronicles this uncertain passage through the
cancer ziggurat. It gives guidance on what to expect and what happens to
your mind, body and emotions during oncology visits, tests, treatments,
chemotherapy and radiation.
This journal is ideal for persons with cancer and the people around them.

Available on for $2.99 download to your digital reader.

The Days of Cancer
to the
D. R. Williams and Company
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